Billionaire's Runaway Wife Billionaire's Runaway Wife

Billionaire's Runaway Wife

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Lesly?Atkins loved Gavin?Bolton so much, even though he would never treated her like a wife. But a diagnosis of brain cancer made Lesy decide to give him up. After Lesly spent her last night with Gavin who was drunk that night, she left her diagnosis and a divorce paper and decided to run away. She thought that would be the end between them. Lesly had never expected that Gavin would not let go of her even if she had an incurable disease. And at the same time, she found that she had his baby... Gavin tried his best to find Lesly. But in the end, he only found a box of her ashes and a premature baby boy... More
Chapter 144 His bottom line
2023-05-22 13:53