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Janie Endah
"I know your secrets as the Sex Assassin, the one the police have been looking for. I have evidence of your mischievous deeds. So you will use that power of yours to seduce him. when that is done you can kill him and bring me his skull. I know you can do it". He sends me an evil smirk and at this point, I know I have no choice but to accept his offer. The police is not my friend. Sofia Jones is a seventeen years lady who have been molested by men when she was just 7years old. When she could face her fears and stand up for herself, she made it her mission to kill any man who dares makes a move on her, by brutally destroying them. She later named herself; Sex Assassin. In one of her missions, she was taken by someone who knew all her secrets. He offered her a contract worth billions to kill the young, charming but notorious leader of the underworld mafia. who is said to be a great competitor and rival of many organizations. Would she succeed in her mission or does fate have other plans for her?. Let's find out in SEX ASSASSIN (killing the Mafia). secrets to be revealed. More
Chapter 33 Shipping girls
2022-10-30 21:35