The Aqua Prince The Aqua Prince

The Aqua Prince

| Ongoing
Obiechina Rossi Onyeka
Damian a handsome Hybrid who was hated by many male folks but loved by almost all female folks was a half human and a half-merman. His mom named him Damian because it rhymed with a demon. He was trapped in between two worlds, Atlantis and planet earth. His father wants him to come to Atlantis and join his rule as King of Atlantis, but his mom might die without him. This brought about a conflict of decision, and his love for Cynthia even made it harder for him to decide. What will happen? Will he go with his father? Or will he remain on earth to protect his mom from the enemies which he had inherited from his father? More
After Swimming, comes the nightmare
2023-02-08 00:52