The billionaire's thirty-million-dollar bride The billionaire's thirty-million-dollar bride

The billionaire's thirty-million-dollar bride

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"I want to make love to you and worship your body as befitting enough for a goddess." "Sex is best done in front of a camera with millions of subscribers crediting my account with dollars." ___ Never has the thought of being actively involved in the adult movie industry in her early twenties ever crossed Cecilia's mind. With finances being on gridlock, having a dying mother is enough motivation to fuel her passion in becoming an A-list pornstar who has her head buried right into the game without having emotions ever interfere. Why waste her talent when she could be monetized, popular, and live the dream life she has always fantasized about as a kid? Sebastian might have all the billions in the world but his parents wouldn't stop breathing down his neck and pressuring him. Out of frustration in a heated argument, he might have blurted out having a fiance and now he is on an ultimatum to present his woman to the family in a week else the CEO position falls to his elder brother who is the role model of the family as opposed to him being the black sheep. Sebastian needs a transactional yet strictly platonic relationship without having leeches try to make money off him and Cece needs Seb's money after all she is a trained expert. Their part crosses, it all started as a drafted contract, who knows? It is probably karma's way of bringing two flawed yet compatible people together. More
Chapter 93 Happily for aye
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