Goodbye, My Wretched Love Goodbye, My Wretched Love

Goodbye, My Wretched Love

| Ongoing
Glad Rarus
After getting into a violent car accident, Claire woke up in a hospital in immense pain. She had thought that her husband of three years would come to see her, but unexpectedly, he strode into the ward next to hers to take care of another woman! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, he even threatened to put her in jail for that woman’s sake! "You gave me five hundred million as compensation, right? Now, I'm exchanging it for a slap on her face." Claire looked at her husband, Darren, coldly. "Let's get divorced." At that moment, Claire regretted wasting three precious years trying to win Darren's heart. It was time to end all of it. More
Chapter 675 You Felt Something For Me First
2023-09-23 14:25